F225 3.3L

A few years ago Yamaha rocked the world of boating by introducing the first V6 four-stroke outboard. This proven family of 3.3-litre V6 outboard continues to evolve
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60° Block Design

A narrow, compact V6 four strokes design for increase durability from a marine conception in every detail (not adapted from automotive design). The 60° V6 configuration also offer evenly cylinder firing order providing smooth operation.

24-Valve Double Overhead Cam

Uses 4 valves per cylinder for maximum fuel efficiency and reliability

In-Bank Exhaust

Another Yamaha first. We reversed the conventional four stroke configuration, allowing space for the exhaust to exit between the V-block downward for a more compact design.

Variable Camshaft Timing

System advances and retards the angle of the intake camshaft giving substantially greater torque in the low and mid range to provide strong power to plane and quick acceleration without sacrificing top end performance.

Electronic Multi-Port Fuel Injection

6 individual fuel injectors provide the precise amount of fuel for each individual cylinder. Optimal fuel atomization provides better combustion, further enhancing performance and fuel efficiency.

Electronically-Controlled Single Throttle Valve

Precisely controls the air through the surge tanks in the long tube intake tracks. The air silencer box reduces intake air noise for whisper quiet operation. The long tube intake tracks are tuned to increase air flow which boosts low end and midrange torque performance.

High Output Alternator

Produces 18 amps at 600 rpm and 38 amps at 1000 rpm to help keep batteries charged while trolling and an amazing 44 amps from 2500 rpm to W.O.T for today's use of an array of marine electronics.

Yamaha's Patented Shift Dampener System (SDS)

Greatly reduces noise commonly associated with shifting gears. Using a special new design and components much of the shifting force is absorbed, resulting in far quieter and smooth operation. Initially available on optional SaltWater Series II propellers.


Yamaha's exclusive YDC-30 alloy is the most corrosion-resistant base material in the industry. Used with Yamaha's exclusive paint process, it provides an extra-tough barrier against corrosion. They are both key components of our renowned Ultimate Corrosion Protection System.


Allows you to flush the engine without running the engine using a standard household garden hose, for added convenience and long engine life.


Every Yamaha Four Stroke is protected by our 3-Year Limited Warranty for pleasure use.


Yamaha instrumentation puts all vital system information right at your fingertips. You know they're accurate, because they're designed for your Yamaha outboard. They're easy to read, and engineered to withstand the elements. Command Link® Digital Gauges gives you access to more information, using fewer gauges, and they allow you to configure the information any way you want.


Engine TypeV6 (60º)
Displacement3,352 cc (204.6 ci)
Bore & Stroke94 x 80.5mm (3.7x3.17in)
RPM Range5,000 - 6,000
Compression Ratio9.9:1
Induction SystemDOHC / 24 valves direct action with variable camshaft timing (VCT)
Alternator Output44 Amps (38 amp @ 1000 rpm)
Fuel DeliveryMulti-point electronic fuel injection
IgnitionTCI 32-bit Microcomputer control with direct "Coil-in-cap" ignition
LubricationWet sump
Degree of Trim/Tilt-3° through +16°/70°
ExhaustThrough Propeller. Water-cooled, Labyrinth
CoolingRaw water, Thermostatic Control
Gear ShiftF/N/R
Gear Ratio15:30 (2.00)

Fuel & Lubrication

Recommended FuelUnleaded Gasoline (Minimum Pump Octane 87)
Recommended OilYamalube 4-M FC-W 10W-30
Oil Capacity4.7L (with filter)


Shaft Length25"
Dry Weight276kg (608 lbs)